L’heure du thé fait partie de la tradition anglaise depuis les années 1800 et est toujours aussi populaire aujourd’hui qu’elle l’était à l’époque. Découvrez cette tradition populaire et testez votre anglais en faisant le quiz.




Tea time has been part of English tradition since the 1800s and is still as popular today as it was back then. It is definitely a 'must do' for tourists when visiting the British Isles.  Cream Tea and Afternoon tea are usually taken from three o'clock in the afternoon and this custom was popular amongst the upper classes. It is still considered to be a luxury and a treat, not something that is eaten every day.  High Tea was popular amongst the working classes as it was more substantial, it included a savoury dish such as a steak and kidney pie.  Cream Tea consists of a slice of cake, a scone, strawberry jam and clotted cream, from either Devon, Somerset or Cornwall.  Cream tea is more common these days and is found in most cafés and tea rooms


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