Complétez mon nouveau Quiz pour découvrir la fabrication du beurre noir et pratiquer votre anglais en même temps.

People ask me “What can I buy that is unique to Jersey?”. “Jersey Black Butter” I say every time 

‘but don’t expect it to taste of butter! »
 It is in fact made from cider apples and it takes days to make.  In Jersey French it is called  ‘Lé Nièr Beurre’  being the local patois Jèrriais. 

The production of Jersey Black Butter dates back to the 1600s when there were an abundance of orchards in Jersey. In those days farmers made cider to give to their workers as part of their salary.  

The tradition of making ‘black butter’ was a community event accompanied by singing, dancing, storytelling and chatting and chatting that went on until the early hours of the morning.  This tradition still exists today, it has become an event where  people can volunteer to help. This year’s event will be held in October.


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